Best Bridal Hair

Even though I have done hundreds of bridal hairstyles over the past 20 years, when it came to my own Hairstyle, I did debate over the final style right up until the last minute. I think I was my own worst client and in the end, because of my naturally frizzy, wavy hair I went for a ‘safe’ hairstyle. Getting married in Tropical North Queensland in February, close to 37 degrees and 22% humidity, I knew my ideal dream style wouldn’t last!

It is challenging to find an excellent stylist that understands face shape in relation to hair styling. Look for a highly skilled hair stylist that can listen to your requests and then explain any compromise if necessary, this will help determine the Best Bridal Hair for you!

Here’s my list of things to consider-

  1. Is it practical?

Many brides dream of having soft wavy big curls! However, if you are getting onto a boat, or transport in a topless car you may need to re-think this style due to the wind factor.

Alternatively if you want something softy shaped and gently pinned, this is definitely not the best choice for a large reception with lots of dancing!

Consider comfort, longevity of style and looking good through out the night in all photos!

I have had many brides tell me that they don’t care if the style doesn’t last, just as long as it remains for the ceremony. This is completely fine as long as you know the style may not last.

  1. Is it achievable?

I’ll never forget a bride who came to me for a trial and produced a photograph of Eva Longoria wearing a shiny full chignon, with soft swept curls. As stunning a style as it was on Eva, there sat before me was a short baby fine blond bob!

The catch is that she didn’t have the budget for good quality hair extensions and the style was virtually unachievable in a short bobbed hair!

As a hair stylist, quite often clients show me stunning photographic images of hair that has been digitally re- touched or altered that just may not be achievable.

It’s a good idea to do lots of research on how hair is styled if you are after a particular look and if you require extensions to achieve the correct body and fullness, be prepared to pay for them!

  1. How do I know if it suits me?

Thankfully, because of smart phones and digital cameras, we as a society are so completely aware of our own images and how we look then ever before. It goes with out saying to take photos at a trial, but if you want a second opinion take your mum, relative or friend and arrange to try on your dress straight after your hair session.

Here as a basic guide for face shapes and hair styling

Oval face shape– considered the perfect shape and many styles flatter. Whether short or long, consider whole body appearance and profile to help determine, e.g. A petite bride with a petite oval face will look good with some volume in the hair, where as larger built more voluptuous figure will look great with a gentle wave.

Round face shape– use diagonal lines or partings in the hair, a good example would be an asymmetrical style, low at the nape on one side with a heavy bang swept to the same side. This will slim the face and make the eyes stand out. AVOID center parts and flat hair, as this will emphasis the roundness.

Heart shaped face– style the hair below the jaw line or below the shoulder to draw attention away from a narrow chin. A flattering style for a heart shaped face is a half up style with long loose waves. AVOID pulling the fringe back tight as this will emphasis the wider forehead.

Square shaped face– soft waves and styles involving movement will flatter. Gently pulled back into a chignon will also look fabulous. AVOID center parts, as this will point out the squareness of a jaw line. Part the hair just off-centre.

Triangle or Pear shaped face– fullness over the hairline and crown is a must. The best styles that suit are up- styles that are softly swept off the forehead giving height and volume, keep the jaw line clean and the face will appear balanced AVOID center parts and full fringes as this will make the face look full.