Bridal Make-up, Classic not Cake Face!

Advice for aspiring Bridal Make-up Artists and Brides to be!

I have taught professional make-up now for more than ten years. I love knowing what excites my students artistically, and which “on-trend” looks they wish to learn and replicate for their potential Bridal “market” clients.

Many Brides-to-be say they want a “natural” style make-up, but their understanding of “natural” style make-up is quite unrealistic. More often than not, the Bride-to-be requests “natural” style make-up. But she arrives at her make-up trial with reference images of super-glamorous celebrities sporting a highly contoured makeup look, such as Kylie Jenner.

The ‘Kylie Jenner’ highly contoured look that is so hot right now – with glowing skin and striking eyes – appears absolutely beautiful in professionally lit photographs and perfectly angled selfies and I understand that a Bride-to-be may desire the very same make-up style. However, the number of products layered on the skin to achieve such a look… and how those layers will look in reality after several hours – very different!

There are plenty of online tutorials demonstrating how to achieve this particular look using extremely heavy applications of foundation, highlight, shade, serious amounts of powder under the eyes and 2-3 colours of blush over the top.

Regarding those online tutorials, here is my advice:



The quickest way to create “cake-faced” bridal make-up is to follow those heavy-handed and multi-layered techniques.

So how will you achieve that highly contoured look without using ALOT of make-up?

The key is refinement. A refined make-up technique will avoid the appearance of “cake-face”.

Before you begin, it’s very important to know the products in your kit.

When you are building your make-up kit, choose products with good quality pigment. Always think ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’ and take the time to know the difference.

Understand that different colour and pigments work very differently on different skin tones.

Once you have at least a handful of quality pigment products that will work with both the cool and warm, and light and dark skin tones, then you can start to consider what will work best for your bride-to-be.

For example, a deep taupe (grey brown shadow) and deep earthy bronze brown may be very similar to look at in the palette, but depending on your bride’s skin tone, one may look ash and the other look bronze, Very different!

Ash taupe will look good on cooler skin tones and the bronze will look amazing on warmer skin tones.

It’s also the same theory with cheek colour or contouring colours. For example, a nectar peach will look good on warm olive tones and a bright candy pink will add a touch of something special to a cool skin tone.

Once you have chosen the right colours, be sure to work gently and not heavy-handed on the skin.

If you are working on skin with larger pores or with blemishes, it’s going to be a lot harder to work all the products together to create a naturally contoured look. I always think it is more flattering to matte down the problematic complexion and add just a simple hue of colour – also with a flat matte – that will compliment the skin.

Remember practice makes perfect, and remember to try or trial these looks prior to the big day!