DIY Natural Eye Makeup for your Wedding Day

The aim of flawless beautiful makeup is to enhance naturally fabulous features and conceal other not so fabulous flaws.

When it comes to DYI Natural Eye Makeup for your wedding day, concentrate on the shape and colour of the eye and choose an application that compliments rather than intensity and the result will be amazing! You want people to say “My gosh you look amazing!” rather than, “Wow! Look at your eye shadow”.

I always think that if someone really notices your make-up and compliments you for the sake of it, it is not quite right!

Don’t match your eye make-up to what you are wearing. This defeats the whole purpose of drawing the right type of attention to your eyes.

Eye Shadow- Before you start blending, apply a good base or liquid eye shadow to keep everything in place. You could use an eye primer or a liquid or creme eye shadow- something with a soft light pigment. I personally like to work with a soft Gold or Taupe, as I like the undertone and reflection it gives the shadow on top.

Think about classic colours that work with your complexion, then choose, one light colour, one medium colour and one dark colour, these could be

Frosted or Iridescent or Matte Eye Shadow

Crème Eye Shadow

Pencil Eye Shadows

Pigment Eye Shadows

Eye Liner- is essential for defining the eyes and creating definition whether subtle or intense, the thing that you must remember is ‘Practice makes perfect’, so the more you practice your liner to make it neat the better it will look on the wedding day.

Look at waterproof formulations for your wedding day, a precision type pen liner will be good if you want a sharper line, or a gel liner that can be painted on or smudged could be good if you want a softer look.

Some eyes such as deep set and small-lidded eyes can look small with a heavy application of eyeliner. Where as a prominent or protruding eye needs eye liner to thicken the lashes and help balance the eye.

Points to remember: –

– Always use a sharp pencil and use a small brush to blend and soften the line around the eye.

– Start from the outer edge of the eye and feather a line as close to the eye lashes as possible.

– Remember that eyeliner worn on the waterline of the eye make be fun for creating a smoky eye but it is also the quickest way to make and eye look smaller.

– If your eyeliner seems to run or smudge after a period of time, try applying an eye shadow on top. This will set the product and help it stay much longer.

Eyelash curlers – are fabulous implements used to curl any straight eyelashes away from the eye making the eye look larger. These scary looking metal or plastic contraptions should be used prior to mascara application to avoid accidentally pulling out eyelashes.

There are also heated Eyelash curlers on the market, which are battery operated and much easier to use but require a little patience.

Mascara and False Lashes– is an excellent way of accentuating your lashes and framing the eye as being something exotic. Waterproof, smudge proof, lengthening, separating, thickening etc and are also available in a variety of formulas. If the application is too thick, comb through with a lash comb to separate for a more natural look.

It is not always necessary to apply to the bottom lashes, especially if your lashes are dark, however if your lashes are fair, mascara applied to the bottom lashes will frame and enhance the eye.

False eyelashes are a wonderful way off opening up the eye, try a fine strip lash or a ‘Demi’ (half strip) and practice many times before the day to get it perfect. Remember if you are not used to wearing lashes, it may feel like you have a butterfly on your eye for the first 3 mins.