How to Conceal

Dark circles around the eyes create a tired appearance. Using a concealer can instantly change the appearance of depth and brighten the skin. This guide will help you how to conceal flaws.

Pimples and acne scars can also be disguised with the right choice of concealer.

Concealers come in a wide variety to packaging, and its important to understand and try different formulations to make the best choice for your needs. Some of these may include sticks, pencils, tubes, canisters, pots and sponge applicators.

Apply foundation first then apply concealer on top to any areas that require.

If you conceal first then apply foundation, you will wipe off all your concealer when you apply foundation.

Dark circles – choose a product with a creamy texture, something that can be patted onto the skin and blended evenly. Then look at colour, as a general rule make sure the concealer you choose is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone.

If you have really dark circles with a blue/ grey shadow, look for a peach coloured colcealer and you may need to layer your foundation over a second time for complete coverage. Apply and blend with your finger or a small flat concealing brush.

Concealing Pimples and blemishes – can be a little trickier, as you need to assess whether your blemishes are ‘ripe’ or ‘scabbing’, it is worth the effort of searching for a concealed that is medicated and can be applied with a cotton tip or disposable applicator to avoid cross-contamination. This way at least your blemishes can heal though out the day.
The trick here is to choose a product that is the same as your skin tone or slightly darker. If you use the same colour as your under eye concealer, your blemishes with be highlighted.

The best application for blemishes is slightly uneven, try stippling on the product with a cotton tip or small brush, again a great tip so at to avoid cross-contamination.

Scars – for the correct application of scars you will need to consider if the scar is raised or recessed. Then if it is red, white or brown in appearance. This is where a thicker consistency foundation is often necessary.

If the scar has receded 1-2 shades lighter will give the illusion of bringing it forward and 1-2 shades darker will help a raised scar look receded. For pigment loss in scarring you will need to look for something that blends with your skin flawlessly.